ECHOES – Sara Ashton

Sara Ashton

Through my mind they run – And never stop.
What might have been if things weren’t given
Up so easily.

Years marred by things said.
Moments lost in a rage that can never
Be undone.

Never a set time, they always lurk
And I fear the worst is yet to come.

I miss you, but why? Things were easier
With things left unsaid.

The echoes are nothing more than that.
Whispers of our failings and for that, I am glad.
No longer an anchor to weigh me down.
Pressures left unsaid, things left untouched.
Never again will I rehash the way
You made me feel.

Gone are the times, but the memories
Not forgotten. Happy while they lasted,
But no longer do we tread the same path.

Echoes remain as such, a moment
Of time in a mind that hurts too much.