Content: Our publication welcomes a diverse array of literary & artistic genres. We accept short stories, poetry, essays, & visual art. While we announce specific content calls periodically throughout the year, we remain open to submissions on all topics throughout the year.

Formatting: Submissions should adhere to standard formatting conventions, utilizing file formats such as .DOC, .DOCX, or PDF for textual content, & high-resolution image formats such as .JPEG or .PNG for visual art submissions.

Length: Typically, we favor written submissions that are under 5,000 words in length. However, we will consider longer works if they exhibit exceptional quality.

Multiple Submissions: We encourage the submission of multiple works for consideration.

Simultaneous Submissions: We do accept simultaneous submissions, with the understanding that you will promptly inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere so that we can withdraw it from consideration. Please note that we do not consider previously published works.

Fee: Please note that Blue Villa has a $2.50 fee for all submissions.

Response Time: Our commitment is to provide a response to submissions within 30 days. If you have not received a response after this timeframe, please feel free to inquire about the status of your submission.

Happy writing! 📖